Anete's Fashion Shoot

HI RES EDIT 84.jpg

Anete contacted me for some fashion photos taken in downtown Sacramento. I totally jumped at the chance as I love this type of photography. We decided on going to DOCO, the new downtown commons center for our shoot. Anete had scouted the location the night before and found some places that could be good for a photoshoot - and she was right! DOCO had a ton of great backdrops for a fashion photo session.

HI RES EDIT 58.jpg

It’s really important to come prepared as a photographer, and that means bringing the right lenses (and knowing how to use them.). Many people use an 85mm lens for portraiture. And in the example above, I was no different. The 85mm with a super fast 1.4 aperture provided some stellar classic looks and beautiful bokeh in the background. However, in the first photo, I needed to use an ultra-wide lens because the space we had to shoot was extremely small, and only that type of lens could fit everything in. Without out it, I don’t think that location would have been workable for what we wanted.

HI RES EDIT 66.jpg

Besides simple statically posing, I love capturing movement in my photographs. In this shot I had Anete walk vigorously towards me so that I could capture some of her hair bouncing a bit. I love the look of hair showing more volume and life. Anete was a great sport and followed my suggestions very well. I love it when the model and photographer jive well together - that was definitely the two of us!

HI RES EDIT 41.jpg

Finding different perspectives to shoot at is totally fun for me. Sometimes shooting upwards is the best way to go. It’s an angle that you don’t see too much, and it gives Anete a bit more of a strong presence in the photo. Since the film days are over, photographers are free to really experiment with the way they take photos without the fear of wasting precious film.

HI RES EDIT 72.jpg

Anete was so much fun to work with! I think we had a blast going around the DOCO area and finding the perfect place to get some photos done.

HI RES EDIT 77.jpg

If you’re looking for some portrait photography for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to be your photographer!

Fun Family Shoot!


We’ve been having some really amazing early evening weather recently, and it’s made for some awesome family photography! The Jones’ asked me to capture their fun family dynamic in Vacaville so we scouted a great location and got shooting! I love family photoshoots because I believe families are the most important of all. And getting moments captured of these precious times will be cherished for years and years to come.


We walked around our location looking for beautiful places to take photographs. I like to shoot in a relaxed style so that there isn’t any sort of stress. I know a lot of people don’t like taking photos, so it’s always a goal of mine to make the entire process as easy as possible. As we walked we found this nice little outdoor table to sit on for a quick pic!


As the shoot went on the family definitely loosened up quite a bit! Turns out dad is quite the joker of the family and he decided to make sure some of the photos were especially unique. I love this moment of him putting his feet up as his family supports him. Thankfully I was able to get this moment in a flash as my truly Sony a9 shoots lighting quick. I would have hated to miss this!


Mom and dad got a little alone time for a few photos and I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous sunset going on. It’s obvious there is tremendous love in this family.


We ended up shooting many photos that day with quite a few of them being stand-outs. If you’re ever looking for family photography, please contact me so we can set up a session soon!

Four Generations

generations 2.jpg

This weekend I was hired to take a very special photograph. My client Angela was able to gather a span of four generations at her house, and she wanted to capture the moment. Having four generations in the same family all together is definitely an occasion that merits a special photograph so I’m glad that I was able to come through for her. Angela just wanted to get some shots done at her home, and with a little one barely over the 1-year mark, we had to get the photos done in a quick fashion. Thankfully, our little cutie did a marvelous job during our session at her home.

generations 8.jpg

Sometimes my favorite shots are the little moments in-between the times we have everyone look at the camera to snap a picture. Though these shots aren’t required from the client usually, I think they will be just as appreciated as the posed ones when I deliver them. I’m always ready to get any little natural interaction that I can. Thankfully, my Sony a9 is up to the task of being able to take photos faster than the blink of an eye!

generations 3.jpg

Our shoot only lasted about 20 minutes, but we were able to get the photographs we wanted. All in all we were at four locations at Angela’s home - 2 inside and 2 out. It’s always a goal of mine to work as quickly as possible so that we take up the least amount of time as possible so everyone can get on with their day!

Sanyia's Modeling Shoot


Sanyia needed a very quick turnaround on some photos she was going to use for a talent agency. She contacted yours truly to get the job done. Sanyia is a young model, so with that comes the need for a contract that requires a minor photographic release form. Her mom and I got that all done and we were off shooting! We shot at the Marina in Antioch, Ca right at the golden hour. It was just about the perfect time of day for some killer lighting!


Sanyia was looking to get a comp card made of the photos we took this day. A comp card is a business card of sorts that features the different looks a model could offer in a shoot. Comp cards are a standard in the modeling industry, but this was the first time I was tasked with getting them printed and made. I thought it was a great experience learning about the process of creating comp cards so if I ever need them again it'll be something that I have already done.


To have a professional comp card, you need high quality images, unique looks and poses, and different locations to make each photo on the comp card something unique. Thankfully, the Marina in Antioch provided many different backdrops that fit different themes. We had the beautiful water in sight as well as lush trees, and the buildings on the waterfront were able to provide us a more urban vibe.


Sanyia did a great job of posing and creating stunning photos. She was a bit nervous at first but really relaxed as the shoot went on. I find that that's typically how it is. Sanyia's family was with us during the shoot and there were a total encouragement to her as we took photos. She's blessed to have good people surrounding her and encouraging her in this endeavor.


Getting modeling shots done is something that I really enjoy doing and I hope that more models and actors come to me to get their high quality photos done. It's a blast and I love being a part of this creative process with them!

Trey's Acting & Business Portraits

EDITS 3.jpg

A while back Trey contacted me to help him get some portraits. We have a mutual friend who introduced us to each other. Trey is awesome in that he has his hand in business and also in the arts. On the business side of things, Trey is in the real estate world. As an artist, he acts! So Trey definitely has a huge range when it comes to his life pursuits. And the photoshoot that we did, we wanted to really capture both sides so that he could have great photos to use for either of his ambitions.

EDITS 15.jpg

We met up in downtown Sacramento to capture images for Trey's real estate photos. Trey had a predetermined location to shoot at so I met up with him there. It was a beautiful location that worked nicely for highlighting photos with a beautiful building in the background. Trey went with a sharp suit and we about shooting various poses. It was a lot of fun and I think we captured some excellent photos in downtown.

EDITS 30.jpg

We were off to Old Sac next to generate a different vibe for Trey's acting portraits. Trey also went with a clothing change to reflect the difference in looks. Old Sac is always great to shoot because of the many wonderful backdrops there are there. We spent quite a while at both locations getting many photos as I like to make sure my clients get the most selection possible!

EDITS 33.jpg

I made sure we were able to get all the important photos done - headshots, mid-range, and full body. It's important that the set we shoot is complete! Like with just about every shoot that I do, I was using my trusty Sony a9 with a few prime lenses attached. The prime lenses are great for portraits and make each photo tack sharp. I just love the image quality coming out of these new Sony cameras. They are truly amazing!

EDITS 31.jpg

I had such a blast shooting with Trey! Please let me know if you're looking to get some portraits for yourself done - I'd be more than happy to meet up with you for a fun photo session!

Esther & Yat's Wedding


Esther and Yat were married this past weekend in San Francisco's Chinatown. Though I mainly shoot in the greater Sacramento area, I will travel further out for photo jobs! I spent my high school years in San Francisco so I am very familiar with the city and enjoy coming out to shoot when I can. It's definitely a change of pace from Sacramento!


Esther and Yat were married on the fourth floor of the Salvation Army building at the edge of Chinatown. I had no idea that there was a full blown church in the building so it was a nice little learning experience for me. The interior of the church had a unique vibe to it. The sanctuary had blue hue covering it due to a pretty large stained glass window towards the front. 


In this photo you can see the large stained glass window - it's pretty impressive actually! I like this shot in particular because it shows the entire wedding party as they go through the ceremony. To get this shot I used a super-wide 15mm lens. It's a lens that I've been pulling out more and more recently to get unique angles.


And here's a view from the opposite angle. Esther and Yan's wedding was small and intimate, but that's the way they wanted it to be. Everyone in attendance was a very close friend or family member. Sometimes that's the best way to go!


The presiding minister had the couple kiss twice to make sure that a photo was taken... but I didn't need the second chance! This is their 'real' first kiss at the wedding. As usual I was using the Sony a9 for this shoot. For the kiss I always set it for a ridiculous 20 frames per second in case the couple decides to do a real fast one. And yes, that has happened before!

Please let me know if you'd like photo or video services for your wedding. I am also able to handle both at the same time if you want to go that route! Message me through the site.

Heidi & Art and the Courthouse


I've done a courthouse wedding before in Woodland, Ca - and that was beautiful as the courthouse there made for gorgeous backdrop. The one here in downtown Sacramento isn't so grand. It's really like an old office building suffering from the yellowing of its walls. This was indeed a difficult wedding to shoot so I really had to think of what I could do to give my clients the nicest and most memorable photos possible.


For Heidi and Art, this wasn't their first round of marriage. They are a little older and have already done the marriage thing once before. This time they just wanted a simple ceremony and to have some good quality photos to document it. In the end I decided that a black and white look would serve for the best look. The lack of color gave the photos an older feel and also masked the hideous yellowing walls.


I feel that when a photo is in black and white you really focus in on the subject of the photo right away. And I loved capturing both Art and Heidi as their joyful emotions were on display the entire time they were at the courthouse.


Most of the time spent there was in the main office getting paper work signed off. This happens for just about every wedding, but it's not something you really get to see at traditional wedding ceremonies. 


Both Art's and Heidi's parents attended this small ceremony. It was very sweet to see the parents support their children. The picture above with Art and his mom is probably my personal favorite shot of all the pictures we took. It's a great mother and son moment.


I really liked how the photos turned out, and Heidi says she loves them - so I'm good with that! I'm thankful that Heidi came to me for her photographic needs. Let me know if you'd like some top notch photography for your wedding or event!

Blong's Personal Shoot


Blong recently contacted me about getting some portraits done and today was the day! He wanted an early shoot to avoid the hot weather (which was extremely smart of him since we've been hitting triple digits in Sac this week). I suggested shooting around downtown because of the nice urban scapes that are around - plus early Saturday morning means very little traffic and a lot of good parking!


Our first spot to shoot was Caesar Chavez Plaza. I got to know Blong a little there and found out he likes to shoot landscapes! So yeah! A fellow photog. Cool! I told him that I wanted to create some really unique looks for him and would be shooting pretty untraditional today. I ended up using my ultra wide 15mm lens for many of the shots we got in today's session. 15mm is not a focal length that is traditional for portraiture. But you know... breaking the rules is fun... and provides for unique photographs.


The reason a 15mm lens isn't used in portrait photography is the distortion it creates towards the edges of the frame. If you put a person there, their body will seem very out of proportion. So I had to be very careful in how I framed Blong in the photographs I took this morning. I tried to keep him (especially his head) as centered as possible. In the shot above you notice his arms are a bit larger, but I think in this perspective it makes sense. 


I drive by this 'Love Sacramento' wall quite often. The 15mm allowed me to really get the entire thing in the frame, which was pretty sweet. Notice how clean the sidewalk is? That's not due to the amazing sanitation department here in Sacramento... it's all thanks to Photoshop! I really wanted Blong to be up in front of a beautiful background. The sidewalks here are filled with nasty stains and garbage so I had to clean it up. Good thing I could do so digitally.


In discussing what we wanted to go for, the urban theme came up quite a bit. For girls and women, I like going to a beautiful park to highlight the beauty of both subjects. For a guy's shoot, I wanted something a little more edgy and sharp. 


Blong was a pleasure to work with today and I think we came out with some spectacular shots today. If you're looking to get some unique portraiture done, let me know! We'll create something really awesome together!

Tarus Lifestyle Photoshoot


I met Tarus a few month ago at his barber shop. He wanted to get some stylized photos for himself to promote his business. We had an awesome session with him posing around the barber shop and also in front of one of my dark grey backgrounds. This was our second shoot together and instead of being in his business location, we took it outside to get some unique shots around Old Sacramento. 


Tarus has a vision of what he wants when it comes to the imagery he wants to produce. I love that about him because working with a creative is so much fun. He's definitely down to go outside the box when it comes to the photography we come up with. Tarus is also willing to take risks in terms of getting that perfect shot. In the photo above, Tarus sat on a wooden post directly above a steep drop into the Sacramento River. One wrong move... and SPLASH. It's a good thing we didn't have any incidents here.


Tarus and I also spent some time dropping this shaver from an elevated location. We were able to get several shots of the drop and him catching it. I like this one the most because the shaver is nice and large in the frame. A smaller aperture may have been better to get Tarus more in focus, but as is I'm happy with this result. The a9 really helped get us a bunch of useable images from this portion of the shoot. I set it for a very high frame rate and it tracked the motion extremely well.


Never unprepared, Tarus came with a variety of outfits to shoot in. He had a black and red motif, an all black look, and this flashy gold jacket. I loved this jacket as it made the photos with him in it really pop. I pulled out a flash to keep up with his flashy gold jacket. It was really fun as a photographer to use the flash in a lot of different ways. In the pic above I'm shooting right at the flash. The smaller aperture I'm using makes the flash display a star pattern and we get some JJ Abrams-esque lens flare going on!


Here's a pic of the flash let off to the side. It allowed me to get some very nice and bold colors off of Tarus. I use Flashpoint flash units for my lighting. I really like them because they are extremely affordable and work really well. I typically like to go native when paring up my camera gear, but I think the price of native flashes is really unjustified compared to these third party ones.


It was incredible to shoot with Tarus and I'll actually be off to Oakland tomorrow to attend a barber expo tomorrow. Look for images from that to come soon!

Pooja & Akash's Engagement Ceremony


On Sunday I drove out to Foster City to photograph Pooja and Akash's engagement ceremony. A friend had recommended me to this lovely couple and I was more than willing to be a part of this very special occasion for them. Unlike Sacramento, the Bay Area is much cooler and shooting outside is pretty good almost any time of the day. I brought my trusty Sony cameras, drove down Interstate 80 and got right to work when I met up with them.


Akash wanted to do some shots with his fiancee prior to the formal ceremony so we went out of the event center to a gorgeous waterfront area. There were many scenic backdrops to get awesome photos such as an amphitheatre, a boardwalk overlooking the water, and some beautiful trees. We stopped at the amphitheatre to get a few ring shots. Here I'm using my super wide 15mm Tamron lens to get a lot of the background into the photo. Pooja's fist looks super big, but I think it's a unique looking effect.


One of my favorite aspects of Indian ceremonies are the colors. Everyone is dressed very colorfully, and today was no exception. Akash and Pooja were in a blue and green motif that lent itself well to the serene blues of the sky and water at the location of our shoot. Because it was a very bright day, the camera had some trouble getting all the colors correct so I did have to use the power of Adobe Lightroom to get back some of the saturation I wanted.


Shooting the ceremony was a bit of a difficult task as Akash and Pooja were backlit due to a huge window behind them. Shooting in .raw format helped cut back on the extreme highlights and pull up shadows to get a photo that has good exposure. I think the background here is still a bit too overexposed, but it works. I also had to take A LOT of yellow out of the image as the indoor lighting cast a huge yellow hue to everything.


These ceremonies have many intricate details to them and I wanted to capture everything I could. Thankfully, my 70-200mm 2.8 lens gave me the reach I needed to get up close shots. Pooja and Akash were up on a stage that I couldn't access so using this telephoto zoom lens were key in getting up close and personal. During this shoot I used the holy trinity of zoom ranges - from ultra wide 15mm all the way to 200mm.


This shot here is one of my favorites from the day as I like to find shots that have natural frames to them. Here Akash had his hand on his head as part of one of the rituals. It gave a nice window to take a photo of Pooja's smiling face through it. I really had to rely on perfect autofocus for this shot - thankfully the Sony a9 is more than up to the task in getting photos like this.


I brought along a variety of lighting and flash devices, but ended up only using them for a few shots on the day. I made the decision to go mostly natural light because I think it came out better than the ones with the flashes. It's important to use professional judgement for the event so that all the photos have a similar look to them. You really just have to go with one or the other.


It was an extreme pleasure to work with Pooja and Akash. I hope they had the opportunity to enjoy their ceremony today. If you're looking for wedding or engagement photography, please contact me now! Dates go fast!

Robin's Graduation Photos


Robin contacted me from New York and asked if I could shoot some grad photos for her and her family. Well... of course! She was in town for her sister's graduation and wanted her photos redone because she wasn't too happy with the ones she had gotten initially. It was up to me to save the day! We met up at Mrak Hall on the UC Davis campus and began our session. Mrak Hall is a great location to shoot some photos because the main building is a great college backdrop and the path leading up to the building is nice and long - which creates a great depth to the photos we can take.


Robin graduated from St. George University in New Year and has aspirations to become a doctor. And I know she is well on her way in fulfilling her dreams! She brought her cap and gown all the way to California to commemorate this particular moment in her life. The gown that she brought had green trim and highlights, which I think went well with the scenic trees around us. It may not be very New York-ey in appearance, but I think it makes for a beautiful photo.


Robin's sister graduated from UC Davis and she brought the familiar blue and gold that is familiar to the University of California system. Besides the Mrak Hall and the walkway leading up to it, there are a number of trees that make for great places to pose. I particularly like this shot because the leaves of the trees could be used as a foreground object that adds some dimension to the picture. The strong pop of pink from the flowers also gives this image some flare.


As per usual, I was using my Sony a9 for this shoot. It helped me get the shot above as I had the sisters walk and talk together. The a9 is awesome at keeping the subjects in focus even when moving, and the insane number of frames it captures every second allows me to really get the exact moment I want. This photo is nice as it shows the sisters in their dresses and includes their graduation gowns and caps as well.


Putting context to the photos is a key in every photoshoot, and anytime a client can bring in a piece of regalia that helps this is awesome. Graduations are easy because they can always bring in an item such as a commencement program or graduation certificate to show off in the photos. Even just one piece of regalia is helpful in a photoshoot, so next time you are getting pictures, think of something you can bring to add that special something to the photos.


Mom was also there that day hanging out with the sisters. I took quite a few shots with her as well as she loves to get photos taken. I can tell how much Robin and her sister love her as they made sure she was comfortable throughout our photo session. And I could tell how proud she was of her daughters - they have achieved a lot! Best wishes go out to this entire family as they continue on to a bright future!

Isaac's Graduation Photos


As I said in my last post, I didn't really advertise for graduation photos this year, but I was still hired to do a number of them recently. Isaac found me in a Google search a few months back and we set a date to go onto campus and get them done! I found Isaac to be a really cool guy that's looking forward to graduating and returning to the East Bay. Davis life is a little too slow for him, but to each their own! Glad he's able to return home with his degree!


For the most part, I've shot all my graduation photos using available light. UC Davis provides ample amount of shade so that the light is nice and soft. I don't mind using my portable flash units, but shooting natural light allows me to work a lot of faster and deliver more final images to my clients. 


We had a lot of fun doing the cap toss today. It took many tries to get it right, but the Sony a9 that I use to shoot really helps capture the exact moments I want. I thought this was a nice location to get the cap toss as you can see the prominent UC Davis sign in the background. It's nice to show off the school you are graduating from!


Along for the shoot was Isaac's absolutely adorable corgi. He was very patient and followed us around the entire time without and fuss. We couldn't do the shoot without getting him into a few shots! I love how animals have made their way into my grad photoshoots in recent memory. Be it animals from the school or pets, they've been important part of the photographs!


Details are where it's at, and I love making sure that I get some details of important items every time I shoot. Here's Isaac nicely blurred out in the background pointing to his 2018 tassel. These things, like the cap and UC Davis sign before, create contexts to the photoshoot. Grad photos should really mark a part of life in a specific way. Getting these details is essential to do that.


I had a blast shooting with Isaac this week. This final image comes from 'the' UC Davis sign. When we got to this location, the sign and the entire are around it was covered with shade - perfect for even lighting. Sadly, the two groups in front of us took forever to get their sessions done, and by the time we got to the sign it was completely washed in harsh sunlight. We weren't going to let that get in our way. Though the light is certainly not soft, I still think this image came out really nicely!

If you're graduating soon and looking to get your photos done, please let me know! I'm here to get you the best and most unique graduation photos possible!

Rachel's Graduation Photos


Though I hadn't done any advertising for graduation photos this year, I still was able to procure a number of graduation photoshoots. Last week I shot with Rachel, a student graduating with an animal science degree. We headed out onto the UC Davis campus on a beautiful weekday evening to capture the best light possible. It turned out to be spectacular, soft lighting that really made for some incredible images.


Rachel really wanted to show off the natural aspects of UC Davis in her graduation photos. She loved the beautiful campus and especially wanted to capture the trees. As we were walking I noticed the sunlight shining through the trees above us - we had to stop and get a picture with them in the background. Her blue decorated cap was a perfect color to contrast the scenery behind her. It's awesome when graduates decided to decorate their caps! It adds so much personality!


Unlike most of my graduation photoshoots, we didn't shoot every picture outdoors. Rachel studied quite a bit at the library as a student and wanted to get a shot there. The library on campus does not have very good lighting at all, but with some adjustments in post I was able to get an image with some nice color rendition. 


There were a lot of graduation photoshoots going on while we were on campus. Many photographers shoot in common areas of the school, but I always like to vary it up a bit and find a spot that may be unique. For Rachel, we found these lovely white benches around Dutton hall. Of all the photos we took that day, I think these were the most spontaneous in terms of shoot location. I really love her pose here as she is looking up towards her bright future.


Being an animal science major, Rachel really wanted to get some of her beloved animals in a few shots. We walked all the way across campus to where the cows were and took some photos with them. It was fun to see all the cows come over to us as we began snapping away. They were definitely excited to see Rachel around them.


With animals, you never know what you're going to get. I love that I got this split second moment of this cow sticking his tongue up his nose. Thankfully, I always shoot with the highest shutter speed that I can. This lets me freeze any quick motions that are possibly made. The brightness of the day really allowed me to ramp up the shutter!


And of course I had to have a shot with Rachel at the UC Davis sign close to Dutton Hall. As you all know, this is THE sign to take a graduation photo at. Be forewarned - make sure you come here early or first because you have to wait in a fairly long line to get this iconic landmark. Rachel and I didn't have to wait too long to photograph here, but you really never know whenever it comes to this location.

Mark & Lavinia's Wedding Video Shoot


I was hired recently by Mark and Lavinia to shoot video for their wedding ceremony. Their wedding took place at a gorgeous golf course location in Lincoln, Ca. I brought my trusty Panasonic GH5 along with two Sony mirrorless bodies and I was ready to go!


I set up shop in a couple different locations so I could get differing angles of the wedding. The GH5 has no recording limit, so I set that guy up on a tripod and just let it go. My GH5 is primarily used as a static camera to provide a full-ceremony video. I feel that this camera gives the viewer the experience a guest would have sitting in the ceremony. My Sony cameras would travel with me either handheld or on a monopod.


Though I was hired to shoot video and there was a photographer on-site, I always sneak in a few still images whenever I can. These images make great cover photos for videos and so far the clients have really enjoyed getting the extra shots that I provide - it's a little added value that's my little 'thank you' for hiring me. I'm always trying to give just that little extra whenever I can!


The reception was challenging to video as it took place in a relatively dark room. Thankfully, I am able to provide ample lighting to make sure the video looks clean. This photo here isn't taken with flash photography. It's actually the ring light I brought to make sure everything was bright enough. Though I bring this equipment for myself, I am more than happy to let the photographer or any guests capture moments while it is out on the premises. 

As with all weddings, nothing goes completely right. But you wouldn't know it by seeing the photos and video taken. It's the photographer and videographer's job to make sure the wedding day looks perfect. Check out this little video I made for my videography service. I'm looking forward to making more of these little videos to show off what I can capture through the video lens.

If you're interested in booking wedding videography or photography, please contact me ASAP. Dates are filling up very quickly!

Video Production - A Chorus Line

I was recently asked to produce a DVD for the Green Valley Theatre Company's presentation of the classic Broadway musical 'A Chorus Line'. I've never done something like this before, but they needed a videographer last minute and I decided that this was a service I could provide to them given my experience in creating other types of videos.

I brought a suite of cameras including my Sony a7rii and Panasonic GH5 along with some recording gear and mics and felt I was ready to go! The performers from the Green Valley Theatre Company were great. I hadn't ever seen 'A Chorus Line' so I didn't know what to expect. And I ended up loving it! The songs were so catching and are still stuck in my head as I type out this blog post.

Check out a trailer for the DVD in the video above. The full recording is available for purchase so please let me know if you'd like one by contacting me using the About/Contact link at the top of my site.

Huge thanks goes out to my friend Christina Castro as she's the one who asked me to do this endeavor. She played Cassie in the production and showed off her massive talent. She truly is a triple threat who can sing, dance, and act. She's on her way up so watch out for that name!

More than Just S'mores - Cookies & Cupcakes!


My wife Jenn is an incredible baker. She's always creating delicious desserts that taste as good as they look. Her signature item is the S'mores Bar. It's the perfect blend of sweet and salty, and it's a MUST try. It can be found at various cafe locations in Davis. Check out Common Grounds cafe in South Davis or Three Ladies Cafe in downtown if you want to give one a try. It's well worth the trip! If you'd like more information about the S'mores Bar (including how you can order some) please visit her site at


The S'mores Bar isn't her only creation. She also takes custom baking orders as well. This past week she had a client wanting the best cookies and cupcakes for a very special birthday party. Jenn rolled up her sleeves and got to work hand crafting each individual item. She uses only the best ingredients so that every bite is an amazing taste experience. 


It's been a while since I've done some photography for Jenn's baking business, but I'd love to do more to promote her baked items. She works extremely hard on every order and more people in the world really do need to try her desserts. I haven't met a single person who has tried one and hasn't been satisfied with something that she made. Well... maybe except for herself! She's her own biggest critic, which is great because that just means she's always making sure only the best goes out of the bakery.


I'd describe what Jenn creates as simple and elegant. Her designs are always aesthetically pleasing with nothing ever over-the-top. These are desserts you would expect to find at a high-end dessert restaurant. I love watching her work as I can see the concentration she has when making all the fabulous treats.


It's really too bad you can't smell these photos. The coffee chocolate crinkle cookies above smelled amazing right out of the over... and they tasted even better. If you love rich coffee, these cookies would be heaven for you as they have a bold coffee taste to them. 


And who doesn't' love snickerdoodles? These are always a huge favorite and are one of Jenn's favorite cookies to make. The mildly sweet taste with just the right amount of spice makes this cookie a winner for many people. If you're looking for some amazing desserts, please check out the S'mores Bar link above and contact Jenn. She'd be happy to help you get what you want! Also, if you're in need of any product or food related photos, I'd love to help make your food look it's absolute best as well! Let's get in touch!

Arik Armstead's 3rd Annual Football Camp


I've been fortunate to have been invited to Arik Armstead's football camp for the third year in a row. It's been an honor to work with Arik as a photographer. He's one of the most giving and hands on athletes I have ever met. This year's camp took place in Sacramento, Ca on a hot day in early June. Arik brought an entire team of coaches and players to help him run the 2-hour camp - some were other NFL players wanting to lend a helping hand and others were local coaches giving their time for these kids. It was a big event that few pro athletes could pull off. Huge props to Arik for getting this whole thing together for the Sacramento community!


Arik isn't one of those guys who hangs out in the back. He gets down in the trenches near the kids and helps them out individually. How awesome is it to be given advice by someone who has made it to the highest level!?! Arik jumped in on many of the football stations set up around the camp. He was giving advice, showing how to do drills, and encouraging the campers to do better and better.


The kids absolutely LOVE Arik. Though his size is intimidating, his heart for the campers is immediately apparent. You can feel the love that he has for them and they give it right back. It's amazing to see how being professional athlete can influence people towards good. I know that each and every one of the campers that participated today felt that influence from Arik. 


Snotty kids? Cooties? That isn't a thing for Arik. High fives and hugs were a common sight anytime you saw Arik interacting with people. These were the moments I really wanted to capture because it's not something you really get to see much of when you flip on the game on a Sunday. This is a very different perspective that I think needs more attention. Sure, Arik's accolades on the field are great, but what he does off the field is so much more impactful.


At the end of the camp Arik always addresses the campers before they go and get their lunch (included, of course!). His parting words are encouraging and inspirational as he shares how being respectful of others has gotten him to where he is today. Hopefully his words will penetrate at least some of these campers this afternoon. If so, then this camp will have been totally worth it.


As the kids lined up to get their Pizza Guys pizza, Arik took the time to take a shot with each camper that wanted one... and there were A LOT that wanted one. Yours truly was the photographer for this. This year the process had to happen very quickly and there wasn't a tent set up for photos so these ended up more like snapshots rather than proper camp portraits. It was really the best that could happen in this situation. All these photos and more can be seen by CLICKING HERE. The link will lead you to my full gallery of photos from the camp.


Arik had a ton of help putting this camp together and I wanted to acknowledge everyone who put in the time and effort that afternoon. The coaches (pictured above) were working in the hot sun making sure that the kids got a rigorous and useful football experience. The sponsors who came out provided food, drink, and equipment, and there were many others who worked behind the scenes to make this a success.

It was an awesome day and I was so glad to be able to capture it in my photographs. I hope I get to come back for year four in 2019!