Shaq in Sac.

Oh man! My third sports camp in the last few weeks. This time it was with Shaq Thompson of the Carolina Panthers. He was at Sacramento's Grant High School hosting a football camp for the youth. He was in it for the long haul as there were two sessions of the camp spanning the entire day. This would most likely be the final sports camp I shoot this summer so I wanted to get as many pictures as I could.

Unsurprisingly, Shaq was every bit as hands on as DeMarus and Arik were during their camps. He was right in amongst the kids as they were working on their football skills. He had a great rapport with everyone and was willing to mentor and teach. I could tell that the kids in attendance were having a blast. They really put out a great effort in everything I saw them do.

Every youth that came out got a sweet Shaq Thompson camp shirt that they got to wear and keep. The color scheme was definitely in line with the Panthers motif. Everyone looked great on the field in them as they competed with each other.

There was no shortage of exercise happening at the camp. The kids were running, jumping, and racing with each other. I like this shot I got of the kids as they were doing one of their races. You can really see the desire to be first in their faces as they go!

Shaq spoke with the kids at the camp and gave everyone an encouraging word. It has been awesome seeing pro athletes like Shaq, DeMarcus, and Arik giving their off time to the community. I definitely was encouraged by seeing what they did.

That's a wrap for the sports summer camps. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos that I took. I'd love to do this all again next year!