Maternity Photos with Cassie.

This past weekend I was out shooting maternity photos with Cassie. Maternity photos have become increasingly popular in recent years as people desire to capture this special time before their child is born. This is Cassie's very first child, so I know that this part of her life has been filled with both challenges and great joy. Having a professional photoshoot to capture portraits of this stage in her life will give Cassie something to look back on, remember, and share!

Cassie came to me ready to shoot! She told me she didn't really have any idea what she was going for, but her flowing pink dress and flower crown were exactly the elements that fit this type of shoot perfectly. Our location was filled with lush greens and yellows, so the pink really stood out nicely. Cassie looked absolutely gorgeous!

Cassie and I met at 6pm - the perfect time to capture some gorgeous natural light. This is what photographers call the 'golden hour'. It's a very narrow window to shoot in, but when we do the photos we end up getting are stunning.

I loved shooting with Cassie that early evening. In about an hour we were able to get lots and lots of beautiful photos. I was able to process the images very quickly and got her the entire set by the very next day! I pride myself of getting photos back to my clients as soon as possible.

As an expecting father myself, I know how important and special these 9 months before the baby comes is. I have a few more maternity shoots coming up soon so be on the lookout for some posts on them! If you or someone you know is looking to do a maternity photoshoot, please let me know!