Mike's Surprise Proposal.

Mike contacted me about taking photos of his surprise proposal and I was more than happy to oblige! I've done a few of these now, and they are always a blast for me to do. Often times these surprise proposals have me hiding out somewhere and being inconspicuous, but not this time! Mike set up a cover story saying that I needed shots for a magazine story. What a great idea!

I had the opportunity to pose the couple in the best light. So often in these surprise proposals the proposal happens in a place that isn't the best for a picture. That was definitely the case this evening as the sun was quickly setting behind the trees in the park. There was one little patch left of good light for them to be in. We were definitely lucky to have that spot.

I gave Mike a nod so he knew I was absolutely ready to go and he took out the box containing the engagement ring and got on his knee to propose. It was an beautiful moment to witness and capture. 

The best part? She said 'yes'! And of course Mike was overjoyed! I took the opportunity to get in some fun shots of Mike celebrating this huge moment in his life. Congrats to this beautiful couple. Now comes the wedding planning!