A Very Colorful Engagement.

I had the pleasure of taking photos at an Engagement ceremony last month. I was hired by the bride to be Anwol to capture candids of her special day. February had been a very wet and rainy month for us here in the Sacramento area, but weather turned out to be very favorable for the ceremony and for me to take photos.

My absolute favorite thing about this shoot was the vivid colors everyone was wearing. Everyone had their own unique look that represented themselves in a unique way. All the colors added to the joy that you could feel during the engagement party. The above photo shows the groom anxiously awaiting Anwol's arrival! 

Part of the ceremony took place in a sacred temple. It was great being able to be a part of this sacred moment. I tried my best to be out of the way of all that was going on, but still tried to get the best shots possible of all that was going on.

After the temple it was time to share a meal together. And there was certainly no shortage of food! The hosts were generous and insisted that I eat with everyone. I've got to tell you that the food was spectacular! There was such an abundant amount of food that I got to take some home to my wife... and she loved it as well!

I have to thank Anwol for hiring me for her special engagement event. I enjoyed every aspect of it and was able to provide photographic coverage of all that went on. I'm always looking to capture moments such as these via my camera. Let me know if you're looking for professional imaging in the near future!