Bogle Wine Product Shots.

I was recently contacted by some representatives at Bogle to take some photos of their fantastic wine. It was a great opportunity to do some product photography, which I love but don't get to do as often as I like. This past month I've taken two of their wines on location to do a shoot with. Bogle is an amazing local wine company that is sells their wines at prices anyone can afford. I'm so glad to be able to partner up with them and provide them with the images I take. Salut!

My first shoot location was in Davis. There is a certain little bridge there that lovers put locks on to symbolize their love for each other. You may have heard of people doing this at a bridge in Paris (before they cracked down on the practice). I thought it'd be the perfect location for their Sauvignon Blanc. The bottle is clear with a green tint to it that I thought went very well with the overall color scheme of the location, and the different colored locks made for some great accents. 

My second location was at famous Crissy Field in San Francisco. This popular location provides a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I chose to shoot the Merlot here as I thought it lent itself well to a sophisticated place like SF. There were a lot of people strolling about Crissy Field, but I was able to find some nice people-free locations to shoot at. If you enjoy wine and are interested in what Bogle offers, please check out their website here: I have quite a few more of their wines to shoot, so look forward to some more wine pics soon!