San Francisco Engagement Shoot.

engagements (12).JPG

On March 4th I went out on location to San Francisco to do an engagement photoshoot with my clients Cynthia and Vinson. I lived in San Francisco many years ago, but this was my first shoot out in The City. Since I wasn't too familiar with great shoot locations I asked them for a suggestion, and they said Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts - sounded good to me! So I drove out there on a wet and windy day for this shoot. The weather was a bit dicey the entire time, but I think we were able to still capture some great images.

Crissy Field was fun to get to as I got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. When going to San Francisco I usually go over the Bay Bridge, but this time I got to traverse the Golden Gate, which was pretty fun. Crissy Field offered some nice views of the bridge so I took advantage of that for some of our photos. After that we hit up the Palace of Fine Arts. I've seen many photographs taken there, so I was excited to be there on location myself finally. It is a VERY popular site to take photos so it was crowded. We had to pick our moments in various spots to make sure we didn't get any stray folks in our pictures. 

What's an engagement shoot without a close up of the ring? A shot of the couples' hands together is always a favorite of mine. So much emotion can be expressed in shots like this without showing a lot of the couple. 

After Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts we had a little time left to get some casual shots of Vinson and Cynthia at a favorite boba place of theirs. These shots were a whole lot of fun as they could be a bit more relaxed. And they could drink some delicious boba milk tea as well!

I had a great time with Vinson and Cynthia in San Francisco. I'm very pleased with how the engagement photos turned out and I hope they are too! For this shoot I went with two main cameras - my trusty Canon 5d mark iii for the outdoor shots at Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Sony A7rii for the boba shop. Huge thanks to my wife Jenn for helping me during this shoot. She helped with lighting and equipment. She da best!

I'm really looking forward to the wedding shoot later on this summer. I'll be blogging about that as well. Look forward to that!