Fashion T-Shirts with November Cosplay.

This past weekend I got a chance to do a fashion shoot with one of my favorite models, November Cosplay (@novembercosplay on Instagram). We've shot together many times before - mainly in the cosplay realm.  She has some stunning and creative cosplay concepts that are a must see. Check out her Instagram to take a peek at what she's done, it's well worth your time! This weekend, however, we went to shoot some t-shirt from the clothing maker Glitter Ever After. Glitter Ever After specializes in creating fandom themed shirts of all kinds. If you're looking for special and unique, see what they have for sale on their site In the photo above, November is wearing a sweet Alice in Wonderland inspired long sleeve tee.

Any Beauty and the Beast fans out there? Check out this awesome t-shirt! November looks great in it and I'm pretty sure you would too! Like with many of my photoshoots, this shoot took place at the UC Davis Arboretum. Its easy access and beautiful backdrops are perfect for a variety of different kind of photoshoots. From fashion shoots to engagements, the arboretum is just perfect.

We finished up our photoshoot with this tank top based on the recent animated release Moana. This shirt features a line from one of the hit songs off its soundtrack. It's pretty subtle, and only fellow Moana fans would get the reference... which I think is pretty cool. I've been loving the clothing that I've been seeing out of Glitter Ever After and it's been a tremendous joy to photograph November modeling them. We'll be getting together soon for another one of these sessions in the very near future. Can't wait!