Greg Vaughn Golf Tournament.

I had the absolute pleasure of going to the Del Paso Country Club on Monday afternoon to photograph Greg Vaughn's golf tournament. This was a special tournament involving a host of guests that included former professional athletes from the MLB, NBA, and NFL. The goal of the tournament was to raise money for type 1 diabetes research. Greg's son is a person who has this type of diabetes, so Greg is personally very interested in helping to find a cure for the disease. It was awesome to hang around Greg and capture all the moments from his golf tournament.

It was a gorgeous day to play golf. I know that Greg was a little worried when they set up the date of the tournament for mid November, but weather was absolutely not an issue at all. The sky was a beautiful blue and the course was pristine. The participants loaded up the golf carts and away they went!

It was a bit surreal to be hanging out with the likes of Greg and Gary Sheffield (right) on the green. As a kid, I collected baseball cards and I remember getting their cards out of baseball packs back in the day. These were guys who I also watched on TV all the time. The experience for me was definitely something that I'll remember. In the photo above, Greg and Gary are holding up signs from Delaney Blue, a wine maker who was one of the sponsors of the tournament. Delaney Blue is dedicated to helping find a cure for diabetes. Check out them out at this link:


You've got to bring your A-game when coming to events like these. Everybody wants to make sure they keep their golf scores low. Part of the fun today was trying to earn special personalized awards for achievements on the course. It looks like Taro, owner of Mikuni's Japanese Restaurants, was going for one of those with this swing of his golf club.

After all the scores had been tallied Greg said a few words to the guests during the post game dinner. There was also both a live and silent auction for some amazing pieces of sports memorabilia and local experiences that would go towards diabetes research. I hope that those who came out bid everything up as the proceeds would be going to a very worthy cause.

It was a blessing to come out today to cover this tournament. It will be so amazing when we finally find the cure for diabetes. The money that was raised today will hopefully speed up the process. I have to give a huge thanks to Jay and his team for putting this event together and having me come to it. They always do a world-class job!