A Firm Foundation for Learning.

The administrators at the Firm Foundation Academy contacted me to photograph their beautiful renovated school location. Photographing interiors and exteriors of buildings isn't a gig I usually get because I don't advertise for it, but it's a job I can certainly do with the equipment I have. The Firm Foundation Academy is located about two hours away from where I am based out of in Sacramento, so I loaded up the car and made my way out there for the shoot!

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city is one of the unique features about Firm Foundation. It's a boarding school for adults who want intensive courses in reading, so having a location away from distractions is ideal. The school is located on a massive property surrounded by flowers, trees, and nature. I found it to be the perfect place to settle into a book.

Inside, Firm Foundation has renovated the buildings to the highest standards. The campus was once an elementary school, but you wouldn't be able to tell with the state of the art changes they have made there. Above is a photo of one of their classrooms. It has been furnished with brand new couches and adornments that I think adults would enjoy. You really get the sense that the school wants the best for its attendees. 

I was really amazed by the Firm Foundation school. If I were to ever go back to take some classes, I would hope the facilities were as great as the ones at Firm Foundation. For this job I took nearly 200 photos of the school while I was there and was able to deliver the photos within a week of the assignment. I wish the best for the Firm Foundation Academy and hope they are able to use the photos I took for their various media.