UC Davis Grad Shoots.

Well... it's that time again... graduation! One of my absolute favorite shoots to do are graduation shots. Last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing Sharon's grad photos. She found me via a student forum for UC Davis students. It was a beautiful day and with very few people around, we had the opportunity to get all the shots we wanted without others vying for the same spots!

UC Davis has many iconic locations around campus to take photos. These egg heads are all around the campus.and they are fun to take photos around. No matter where we are on campus, there will be a great photo opportunity. And since I graduated from UC Davis, I feel that I can suggest great locations to shoot at.

I'm currently booking graduation photoshoots. I currently have a special price for grad shoots, so please contact me at luke@lukeistheblacksheep.com and inquire about my rates! You'll be surprised at what a great deal you can get!