This past weekend I took part in an empowering photoshoot. This shoot had been months in planning and the weekend of the shoot had finally arrived. Toni Cardinale was the brainchild of this project. She was inspired by some artwork that she had seen on National Women's Day. Though I was excited to be the photographer on this venture, it turned out that I was extremely sick the weekend of the shoot. I had body aches and pains as well as a fever that went up to 103 degrees. Nothing was going to hold me back from getting this done as all the ladies involved were counting on me. Thankfully Jenn had the day off and was able to accompany me and assist me throughout the morning. Without her I don't know how I would have made it!

The shoot took place at Elev8ed Studios in Sacramento. This relatively new studio offered an absolutely huge space for us. Toni was able to rent out the studio for a couple hours at a very reasonable rate. The studio provided flash lighting equipment and triggers for me to use. It was great! I only had to bring in my camera for this. 

Here's the final image we came up with. There is a color version of this as well as different poses. I felt like this particular pose was the best as the ladies faces expressed the gravity of the theme the best. Toni is offering a print of this photo at her ETSY store. If you'd like to purchase one and support her please click here.

It was a tremendous honor to be a a part of this body positive shoot. I know the ladies were all excited and proud of this photo. They were tremendous! Also, huge thanks to Jenn for taking the behind the scenes photos, two of which are above.