Friends at the Park.

I had a ton of fun joining Courtney and May at the park for a friend photoshoot. I was hired for a couple hours to accompany these two BFFs in order to get some photos of their friendship. It was a challenging shoot as I tried to let them have their space as they hung out, but to also be close enough to get close up shots that they would really cherish afterwards. 

My goal with these types of photoshoots is to capture the emotion that friends feel as best as possible. Using a longer lens to keep my distance was a must so that I didn't make them feel any more awkward than they may have felt already with a photographer constantly pointing a camera at them!

In terms of editing, I went with a softer style than I usually go for. Going soft isn't my wheelhouse but it's a technique that I have under my belt and can pull off. I'm planning on using this photo editing style a bit more as graduation season hits full swing. Be on the lookout for example of this technique!

Today's shoot was challenging and fun. I'd be happy to do more and more of these shoots if hired or asked to do so. It's these shoots that really provide folks with pictures that they will treasure for years and years to come.