Perfect Timing for an Engagement Shoot.

I was hired to shoot engagement photos for Taryn and her fiancee. Taryn found me through the Thumbtack site and liked the quote I was able to offer her there. We originally had set the shoot for Thursday March 3rd, but after looking at the weather forecast chose instead to shoot a day earlier on the 2nd. It's a good thing we did because it was the last nice day to shoot before a long storm came rolling into the area!

We shot in the late afternoon on an overcast day. The clouds gave us a nice soft light to shoot in, and I chose not to go with my flash for almost the entire shoot session. I was really pleased with how the ambient light provided such a great look to the photos!

Probably my favorite shot from the session is the one above. I just love the feelings that this photo conveys. Taryn actually sent over an image of a save the date magnet she made using this photo. It looked great!

It was really easy shooting with this cute couple. They seemed to have a lot of fun during the time we spent together. All the photos we took had an easy, natural way about them. I feel that their personalities and love for each other were conveyed well.

In the end I provided Taryn with 25 fully edited high-resolution photographs of the engagement session we did together. I was happy to be able to deliver the photos to her just six hours after our session. Taryn asked me hire me for their wedding... how could I refuse!?!!!