Set Your Record!

This is a shoot I had to keep a secret for a while... but now the secret's out! Sacramento will be getting its very own game show put on by ICU studios. I've worked with ICU Studios before, and it was an honor to do so again. A couple weeks ago I went on location to take photos of the host and hostess of the show. Above is the talented Christina Castro. She's absolutely gorgeous and talented. She can sing, dance, and act! A triple threat!

Anthony Snow will be the main host of the game show. He's a veteran actor and has experience playing many roles. It was great working with Anthony as he was very down to earth. When it was his turn to get in front of the camera, he really turned it on and we got some stellar shots. I can't wait to see him in action as the host. I know he'll do a great job.

My photo was used in this poster for the show. It's a FREE show, but you must reserve tickets if you'd like to attend. As an audience member it's a no brainer as they will be eligible to win a ton of amazing prizes. I suggest picking up your FREE tickets by going to their site here. I'll be there as will Christina and Anthony. This will be a ton of fun and a unique experience for anyone here in the Sacramento area. Hope to see you there!