Semaj is Back for more Shots!

I got a call from Semaj the other day seeing if we could book another shoot together, and of course I was more than ready for another shoot with her! Semaj is a great model to work with, and I was really looking forward to capturing more photos of her. We set up a time to shoot in the early evening and met up in beautiful downtown Davis for our session.

Downtown Davis in the early evening has perfect lighting and lots of great backgrounds. I particularly love the lights on the trees. They really add a visual pop when it comes to photos. You can really get some nice bokeh effects from them when using a shallow depth of field.

There is a particular alley way in downtown that I like to use. Though maybe the smell isn't the greatest, it has a variety of backdrops that make for wonderful photographs.

Very close to downtown Davis is the University of California, Davis. I often use the arboretum there as a great place for photos. This time, though, we went to some of the unique buildings and structures on campus to get a few modern urban photos done.

Semaj was a ton of fun to work with, and I hope we get to do another shoot really soon! This photo above was one of my favorites from the shoot. Turns out that her best looks are when she poses for a selfie! I had her 'pose' in front of her camera for a few shots... and they turned out really well!