Molly & See's Wedding in Elk Grove.

This past Sunday I drove out to Elk Grove to photograph Molly and See's wedding. I had done their engagement photos earlier in the year and was happy that their big day had finally arrived. I really love it when I can work with a couple from their engagement all the way through their wedding. It's definitely a blessing!

When I arrived we promptly went to a nearby park for some wedding party photos. I was stunned at the beauty of the park in the area. There were fountains, bridges, water, and some amazing trees. I'll have to keep this place in Elk Grove in mind when coming up with future location ideas.

It was pretty funny working with the flower girls. It was always the case that if one or two were smiling, the others wouldn't be. I took many, many shots of this pose... and this one turned out to be the best. Kids photography... man... it's probably one of the hardest types our there! Props to all the dedicated kid photographers out there. 

After doing a shoot with the women, the men came next. The boys were definitely dressed to impress today, and I wanted to capture that. We went through a series of studly poses for their photographs.

For the final group shot I definitely wanted to get the guys having some fun and laughing with each other like buddies really do. You can really get the sense of closeness and friendship that they share with each other in this capture.

This was a completely candid shot of the groom and his best man before the start of the ceremony. I'm not sure what the conversation was about, but I can only imagine it was the best man giving some sagely advice to his friend.

Before you knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle. As the only shooter there, I had the job of making sure I moved around to all the different angles in order to get the right shots. It was a challenge... but certainly one that I enjoyed. Thankfully, I knew that I had pretty much free reign to get to any location around the bride and groom I needed to.

Here come the flower girls again! As young kids I know it can be intimidating to have to do this job. As you can tell, the young girl seems very nervous. She did an admirable job though throughout the wedding. It makes me remember my own wedding when our flower girl pretty much started crying and walking off!

Molly was absolutely stunning as she came down the aisle. She was a gorgeous bride. I was really easy photographing her and See. Both of them were very easy going people in front of and off the camera. I loved working with the both of them.

I had the extra challenge of just using one camera during the ceremony. For whatever reason, my Sony a6000 froze up on me and decided not to take any photos as the ceremony began. The Sony a5100 was a back screen only camera and couldn't be relied on in the bright daylight... so it was the Canon 5d mark iii only! It performed like the champ that it is and took in some amazing shots.

One very important thing in the ceremony was this ceremonial rope. It symbolized the coming together of both Molly and See as one. I was sure to get as many shots of this as I could throughout the wedding ceremony. Important items like this must be focused on as a photographer - these things are 'can't miss' items!

As the wedding was outdoors, I didn't have to rely on my flash much at all. There were times when I felt I could have filled in more shadows, but for the most part it was natural light all the way, and that's the way I like it.

Yay! Molly and See are married and off to a happy and wonderful life together. I wish the both the absolute best as they begin this exciting journey with each other.

Check out the little video I made of the wedding below!