Back at the Sacramento Animal Rescue.

I was back at the Sacramento Animal Rescue to do another photoshoot! Just like last time, the purpose was to bring awareness to people about these animals, and hopefully get them adopted! This is one of the most fun shoots I get to do because it combines two of my favorite things: animals and cosplay!

The photos you see of me here are taken by Talya, the awesome person who organized this event. She has been instrumental in getting people together for these amazing opportunities to make a difference! 

Today I brought in my seamless gray background. I went with this color choice because I had already done white and black in previous animal shoots. I was excited to see how the shots would turn out with this color.

It's really the animals who dictate the shoot. Whatever they end up doing, I always make it my job to capture it. I was talking with some people during the shoot and saying that with kid and with animals there really isn't much to pre-plan for. I just plan for the unexpected.

The cosplayers who came to the shoot were absolutely amazing. Each one showed genuine love toward the animals they shot with. Even though some of the animals were feisty and hard to keep still, the cosplayers showed patience and the willingness to makes things work the best they could.

Many of the animals in the shots have been at the rescue center for a while and need to get adopted. If you're thinking of getting a pet, the Sacramento Animal Rescue is the perfect first stop to go to! See more information about them here.

It was a great day of shooting, and I'll be looking forward to the next one!

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