Ben McLemore at Pizza Guys in Rocklin.

Fans of the Sacramento Kings lined up early to meet Ben McLemore at the Pizza Guys in Rocklin last night. As you can see, there was quite a turnout! This was the third McLemore Pizza Guys signing that I have covered. The first one was in Dixon, the second in Elk Grove, and now the third in Rocklin! Ben has been a true Pizza Guy this season as he has taken quite a bit of time to meet and greet his fans. Big props to Ben and Pizza Guys for making these awesome events happen!

This young fan brought some McLemore basketball cards for him to sign. I collected basketball cards as a kid... and actually still do! The cards have definitely gotten fancier as the years have gone on. This particular card not only cool looking because it has a shiny foil front, but also has a piece of jersey that Ben actually wore embedded in it. 

When Ben first arrived he took the time to sign some Pizza Guys cowbells. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. It combines a basketball look with a cowbell - something that Sacramento Kings fans are closely associated with. Ben's signature on them just makes them all the more desirable. These cowbells make for a great limited collectible that I'm sure many in Sacramento would love to own.

The first group of fans that got to see Ben were the VIP guests. The VIP fans were fans that won a contest or were randomly selected through various social media platforms. The VIPs had the chance to meet Ben before everyone else. I highly recommend following the Kings, Pizza Guys, and the Kings players to keep up on when these events happen. Who knows... you could find yourself as a VIP one of these days!

It's especially fun seeing the kids come and meet Ben. To many of these children, the Kings are their heroes that they watch on TV or at the arena. Getting a high-five and an autograph definitely makes an impression on a young kid.

And Ben is so great with the little ones! He is kind, gentle, and friendly with them all. Here's a very young Kings fan decked out in Kings gear - such a cutie! 

The fan here had a very unique story. He actually move to Sacramento from China because of Ben McLemore. Can you believe that? I was a little skeptical at first, but he got really emotional after meeting Ben, and I could tell he was genuine. Things like this really do happen... wow, just wow!

I brought some large format (20x30) prints to this event to donate to the St. John's organization. They are a charity that helps people get back on their feet. If you'd like to learn more about them, click HERE. They do amazing work over there and I was glad to contribute what I could. Ben signed the prints and they went on as part of a raffle that fans could buy into as they attended the Pizza Guys signing event.

These two guys won a couple of the prints. The third was won by someone who had already left. These images came from a very recent game, and it was funny that Ben said he remember the exact moment as he was autographing them. If you are interested in any of my prints, I have actually just stared to put some on sale on my site. There's actually only one currently up for sale, and it's a fine art photograph I took a while back. Check it out HERE if you're interested in it!

These ladies were VIP guests at the event but they decided to stay for entire event so that Ben could put his signature on a very unique item. That item was...

... her new Jeep! Wow. She told me he was going to sign it... but I thought it would just be a little signature somewhere discrete. Nope... here we see that he signed it rather largely on the hood of the car. So... does this now add some value to the car? Maybe to a Kings fan!

Now here's something different... Ben taking a photo of me for once! It was fun to have him take a selfie with me. Great way to end the night! If you'd like to read a little more about this event, check out my dedicated Kings blog The Blacksheep of the Kings!