Worlds Collide.

Two of my worlds came together in epic fashion last night - the Kings... and Cosplay! Wizard World was representing at the game with quite the cosplay presence. I even decided to get into it a bit by wearing one of my Wolverine hoodies. It was amazing seeing all the different cosplay outfits around the arena. I wanted to get images of all of them!

Wizard World had a couple of tables in the concourse area of Sleep Train Arena. I was lucky enough to get this photo of them before they scattered about. It was cool to see the variety of cosplay represented. As you can see it went from comic books to television to video games.

Here's a creepy couple! They were in full zombie mode as they traversed the walkways. The zombies had some fun bringing a little fright to the in-game experience. But hey! Pretty sweet we have zombie Kings fans like the beauty on the left! It's like a new demographic to top into.

I thought that this pairing a little bit of contrast to it. But I'm sure at cons this is pretty typical. We've got a beauty and the beast type of photo going on here! Both of these cosplay outfits are spectacular. I really would love to get a full photo session with the cosplayers that attended the game. It would be so fun!

I know for a fact that Scott Freshour loves comics and comic characters. He's sporting a Captain America t-shirt on the court. The cosplayers got to run around the court and participate in the fan give-aways.

Here's Spider-Man looking very Spider-Man-y as he tosses Kings mini-balls out to the fans in the stands. 

Not to be left out of the action, the Sacramento Kings Dancers were in their Bat-gear tonight. They looked just right among all the other super-heroes and costumed folks on the court. The SKD performed to Bat Dance by Prince. 

And this guy looks like a scary version of Pelican's player Anthony Davis! Oh wait... that is Anthony Davis. Nevermind.