Psylocke & Hipster Ariel Cosplay Shoot.


Today I went out for a cosplay shoot in Sacramento with Cheyenne. I actually met Cheyenne at the Kings game last week. I noticed her mostly because she was cosplaying as Psylocke, one of my favorite X-Men characters as a horny teenager. We were both available in the early evening so that's when we set out to shoot. It turned out to be the ideal time for a photo session. The lighting was soft and the temperature was just right.

It was a challenge to get started. Both of us parked next to the Capitol Park, but Cheyenne needed to find a place to change. The Capitol Park area doesn't have much in terms of pubic restrooms so we had to wander around for a bit to find a place for her to get into costume. The Capitol Garage Restaurant ended up being the place where Cheyenne became Psylocke. There was an alley way that turned out to be great place for an industrial look, so we started shooting there.

Next we went into the parking garage next to us for a few shots in an enclosed area. It turned out great for shots using flash. I was pretty happy with some of the capture we got in the parking structure. 


Time for a smoke break! After getting enough shots of Psylocke we had to decide between Cheyenne cosplaying as Hipster Ariel or Rikku from Final Fantasy X. Since she already had a few nicer pics of Rikku we decided to give Hipster Ariel a go.


Cheyenne did a fantastic job as hipster Ariel. She not only got all the colors and dress right, she also embodied the personality absolutely spot on. Hipster Ariel is all about herself and looking good. I love this shot of her taking a selfie!


Of course Hipster Ariel would be chilling on a bench smoking a cigarette. Although smoking is obviously bad for you health, smoking shots make for pretty awesome photos. 


We both stopped at this bus stop and were inspired to shoot here. There was an ad for a Tower Records movie coming out and it was perfect for the character. We captured a lot of shots at this location, but this one in black and white is one of my favorites.

Our shoot ended at the Capitol Garage. I loved the soft look of the lights behind Cheyenne. Getting those blurred out makes for a beautiful photograph. We wanted to get some PBR for a few shots, but it didn't look like Capitol Garage had any on tap. 

It was a ton of fun shooting with Cheyenne this evening. My only wish is that we had even more time to shoot. I'm sure we'll be getting another shoot in sometime soon though!

I'll end with this selfie we took together at the parking structure. I was wearing my Wolverine hoodie tonight and had the idea to get a photo with Psylocke. I mean, c'mon, it HAD to be done! These two characters were always working together in the 90's - my personal golden age of comic books. Huge thanks to Cheyenne for being an awesome model today!