Billionaire Shoot.

Today I got the chance to do another cosplay photoshoot. This time cosplayer Michael Shane came out to take some photos of his version of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. I remember really enjoying his costume when I saw it at the Kings game during WizardCon Night. I'm so glad we were able to do this one!

If you'd like to connect with Michael, check out the information on his card. He's a really cool guy with some great cosplay costumes in the works.

I had a quite a few ideas for this shoot, and Michael was totally game to try them out. One of the first things I thought would be fun was to get a jumping shot. We were at the Sacramento Capitol building and I asked Michael to take a leap off the stairs. It looks like Tony Stark is in a rush to get into his Iron Man costume here.

Michael's Iron Man suitcase was incredible. First of all, the detail was awesome. There were a lot of people who turned and stared at him knowing who he was dressed up as. The inside of the case contained lots and lots of items we used as props during the shoot. The props really helped to make the shoot come alive in a big way.

One of my favorite props was the fake scotch glass... yup! We law abiding citizens would never break the law and have alcohol open in a glass like that one the streets! One thing we had to make sure was to keep the cup level though, because it was fake, it would look very unrealistic tipped to the side.

Of course Michael had to have an actual Iron Man mask with him as well. It wasn't a mask he could put on, but we were able to come up with some shots that featured it. This shot was inspired by Shakespeare!

The tall buildings in downtown Sacramento provided a really nice backdrop for the character. There were so many government and office buildings around! Every block had a great location to shoot at.

Tony must be tired... he literally just flopped down onto the edge of concrete border. We did quite a bit of walking... but this amount of tiredness is a bit exaggerated.

Too bad it wasn't darker today. As you fans of the movie know, Tony Stark has a special device that keeps him alive embedded into his chest. Michael had that piece glowing through his shirt. Because it was daytime, the light emitted from the device was hard to see, but I still wanted to get some photos featuring it. I just love the attention to detail that Michael put in!

I've got to give a huge thanks to Michael Shane. He did an awesome job cosplaying as Tony Stark today. I have some photos up in the cosplay section of my site... but I have many more images on a new site I just put up called Cosplay of Sacramento. If you're a fan of cosplay, go check out that page and also like the page of Facebook!