Start of Grad Season.

Well, it's getting to be about that time again... graduations! My first grad shoot this year was with Rachael from Sacramento State University. Rachael found me via Thumbtack. It was as simple just sending her a quote that she thought was reasonable. We communicated back and forth a few times to set a date and away we went!

Rachel came very well prepared for this graduation photo session. She had a few outfits ready to go including her graduation gown & cap, a beautiful dress, and both casual and more formal kinds of clothing.

We spent some time going through the campus looking for nice spots for photographs. Rachael actually had some beginning ideas already which really helped. I love it when clients already have things in mind. It makes the shoot go more smoothly.

Here's Rachael in her most casual outfit. Like the shoot I did with Laura last year, I had her do a few jump-for-joy shots. I think all the photos came out really well for this session. I edited all the photos when I returned home and was able to get the finished images to her that night.

Rachael was really great to work with - I hope she enjoyed her experience as well as the photographs I was able to deliver. Big thanks to Rachael's mom who was there with us too. She was very sweet and a lot of fun to talk with during the session. If you are in need of graduation photos coming up, please drop me a line!