Last Week's Photoshoots.

Last week was a nice week of photoshoots. After shooting Rachel's graduations photos, I headed off to downtown Sacramento to meet cosplayer Masquerade Rose. She was one of the cosplayers that attended the Kings game a few weeks back. If you look at pictures from that game, you'll see her dressed as Street Fighter's Chun Li. Today she came as Sailor Mars.

Rose was great to work with and photograph. I especially appreciated that she had poses in mind ahead of time. Often times if I am unfamiliar with a character, I have to rely on the cosplayer to give input on how they should be captured in a picture. In the end, I was very happy with how the photos of Sailor Mars came out. If you'd like to see the full gallery, check out HERE.

A few days later cosplayer Michael Gonzales and I went for a photo session. He was also at the Kings game and approached me to get some photos. Michael brought two costumes to shoot with during our time together. This first one is of Malcolm Reynolds, a character from the sci-fi show Serenity. The western look of the character was perfect for some of the locations in Old Sacramento. Michael even had a toy gun to add variety to the photos! See the gallery HERE.

Michael's second character was Captain Hammer from lessor known on-line series. This character is outlandish 'hero', and has all the trademarks of someone that read about in the comics section of an old newspaper. We traveled a short distance to downtown in order to capture Captain Hammer in a metropolitan area. See pictures from this shoot HERE.


The end of the week had me back in Old Sacramento yet again! A young couple was looking for a photographer to take photos at their reception party. The reception was held at restaurant Ten22. Ten22 is a higher-end restaurant with a very nice environment. It's one of those places with live music for your listening pleasure as you eat. The food and sounds made for a very festive and exciting party that everyone enjoyed.


The party was capped off by dancing. Everybody, young and old, were getting into the groove. It was a ton of fun capturing the dancing actually. Since the basketball season is over, I won't be able to get the Kings Dancers for a while. This definitely fills a gap in my life!

So overall it was a very good week of shooting. This week looks a bit less busy, but I'm trying to fill out my days. Let me know if you'd like to get some photos this week!