Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a shout-out post to my wife who just started a new site promoting her amazing s'mores bars. These things are unbelievable! You'd think they would be very sweet, but in fact they are actually pretty mild. These bars have everything you would ever want, and have to be tasted to be believed. Please check out her new site: www.thesmoresbar.com and place an order for yourself! It is worth it. Really.

All of the photos taken were by yours truly. I tried to give you an up-close view of just how amazing these little babies are. The best way for you to get your hands on them are to go to Jenn's site, but they are also selling limited quantities of them at Common Grounds Cafe in South Davis. We're hoping to expand the public availability of these bars as much as possible.

Jenn has made a new Facebook and Twitter (@thesmoresbar) for the s'mores bar. If you're on either of those platforms, please give her a like or follow. You might need a bib though... prepare to drool!