Super Shoot.

This morning I got up at 5:30am to get ready for a cosplay photoshoot. This photoshoot was with the incredible Nami. She's a cosplayer in the Sacramento area. Nami has a killer Super Girl cosplay that just needed to be caught on camera. One of my favorite shots from today is the one above. It was an accidental over-exposure, but after a little work editing the original file, it actually came out pretty nicely - definitely a bit on the more artistic side!

Nami and I started off in downtown Sacramento. There are a ton of great locations for just about anything. An old cathedral made for a perfect first stop. It was difficult to get all of the cathedral in the frame, but I managed to be lying on the wet ground. Ahh, the things I do to get the shot! 

Being a Super Girl shoot, there had to be some shots of her at a higher elevation. We found the top level of a parking lot to get some more city-scape type images in. I wish the parking lot was higher up, but we did what we could. I think many of the images from the parking lot were pretty good. Have a look at them in my gallery on Cosplay of Sacramento.

One of the iconic things Super Girl does is fly. I asked Nami to get some shots as she pretended to fly up to the sky from the street. We took quite a few shots of this scene before moving on - I really wanted to have a selection of photos to choose from after getting back to edit.

As we were walking through downtown we passed by the IMAX theater. I love the IMAX theater in Sacramento because it has a very retro/old school look to it. The color scheme also went really well with Super Girl. We spent a little time getting a few photos at the theater.

There was actually quite a bit of hustle and bustle in downtown today. The March of Dimes was happening at the Capitol, so the area was quite crowded. I actually think that having such a big event going on made it a more natural environment for Nami's cosplay. I bet some of the people who saw us walking around thought we were just a part of the event.

I really enjoy taking photos with the brick background. It almost always makes a nice photos. This pose was Nami's idea, and originally she wanted to have her back to a tagged wall - which would have been spectacular. But we had to settle for this because this part of downtown Sacramento is just too darn clean!

It was awesome shooting with Nami today. She was very easy and fun to work with, and I'd be happy to do more shoots with her in the future. If you're a cosplayer and you want some professional level photos of yourself... don't be shy... contact me ASAP! I give a great deal to cosplayers!