Playing to Win Movie Premier.

Last night was a first for me as I was invited to cover a movie premier event. Dave Prevatt of Franklin Pictures gave me to opportunity to do this, so a huge thanks goes out to him. I had a great time - I could literally feel the buzz and electricity  in the air. It was a great night to be in downtown Sacramento.

As part of the media, I got to be one of those camera people shooting photos next to the red, or in this case purple, carpet. A literal who's who of Sacramento came parading down the carpet as they headed towards the movie theater entrance. Check out our mayor, Kevin Johnson, as he walks towards me and the other photogs.

Only Vlade could pull this off. After most of these people had already gone through the camera line, Vlade asked everyone to come back for a larger group photo! That guy has so much pull!

Carmichael Dave and Grant Napear are two of the loudest voices on Sacramento sports radio. I listen to Dave in the mornings on the way to work and Grant on the way back. Both had critical roles to play in keeping the Sacramento Kings in town, and if you watch the movie, you'll see how.

The movie was amazing. As people exited the theater there was still a lot to share and talk about. Many of us who saw the movie really re-lived those days in the hour and a half the movie went on. Many of the folks at the premier were in the film in some way - even me!

I hope that everybody gets a chance to see the Playing to WIn film by Franklin Pictures. It is touching and uplifting. I'm so thankful to Dave and the people over at Franklin for allowing me to be a part of this great night. It'll be one I remember for a long, long time.