I had the pleasure of shooting Sam and Kay's engagement shots this early evening. Kay found my website through my ad in Craigslist. Yay for free advertising! She really wanted to get the engagement done in the Old Sac area, so that's where we went for this shot. Old Sac is very familiar to me with many nice background locations, so it worked out perfectly!

Sam and Kay came prepared with two different sets of clothes - one more formal like the photos above, and the other more fun and relaxed. The rustic buildings and brick walls around Old Sac were great for the more formal wardrobe. The dark colors they wore blended nicely with the historic look and feel of the area.

The more relaxed clothes were worn around locations that were brighter and in the sun. We actually took quite a few shots on and around the Tower Bridge.  The time of day was just right as the sun was just starting to make its way downward from its highest point in the afternoon. It was great fun to get the the rich sunlight going through the bridge and trees that were there.

This particular shot is one of my favorites from the shoot. I was pretty much shooting directly into the sun here. Though there was a ton of light coming into the lens, the camera was able to handle it admirably. And Kay and Sam had the perfect expressions of love going on all the while.

Sam, unbelievably, had back surgery just a couple of days prior to our shoot. He was in a lot of pain. Though he was definitely not comfortable, he sucked it and made it through the shoot while still having some fun. When Kay wasn't looking he would sometimes make funny faces at her or the camera. Love it!

Old Sac has a bunch of old railroad cars sitting around on tracks. It's a very popular place to take photos. In fact, there were quite a few photographers out there that day. Kay really wanted to get some shots here so I came up with a few ideas.

One idea was to simulate them running onto a train. Sam couldn't move much, so he was just frozen leaning on to the handle. I had Kay try jumping towards him a bunch of times until I got a good shot of her. This particular image was my favorite of the bunch. This is probably the most 'fun' photo of the set... and also a favorite of mine.

I'm so glad that Kay and Sam found me to do their engagement shots. I had a great time with them, and I hope they enjoyed my work. I'll be seeing them again for their wedding ceremony in the summer. Should be a blast!