My First Thumbtack Client.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to get customer referrals from this website called Thumbtack. On that site you can buy bid points and get potential customers. I was a bit discouraged the first week as I spent money on bid points and came up empty... but this week I got three clients! One client needed photos right away so we arranged to do a shoot today.

My client's name was Amanda, and she's a writer. She wanted to get some headshot photos done - possibly for book photos or photos she could use on the web. I suggested the Davis Arboretum for the location of the shoot. It worked out perfectly because we are both from Davis and are familiar with the area.

It was fun to talk with Amanda during our session. We basically talked throughout the shoot as I captured both posed and candid shots. I think getting both is key in terms of acquiring a good selection of photos to choose from when I sit down to edit. In the end I shot nearly 300 photos. I ended up post processing 25 of them for her. My turn-around... less than 2 hours post shoot! Told you I was fast!

If you'd like to find me on Thumbtack, I have a link down below this text. It's been a pretty sweet service so far and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you are a small business looking for clients. They give some great leads! Click that link below to check me out on Thumbtack!