Photos with Dania.

So yesterday I actually did back-to-back photoshoots! After taking family photos with Maria I drove a short distance to Dania who had contacted me for photos just a few days prior. It can be hard to squeeze in two photoshoots one right after the other, but it's something I'm definitely willing to do if I can! It's important to me to try and get the shoots done when the client wants them done... and as soon as possible. I'm glad I was able to have time for both these shoots.

I brought along my Alien Bees lighting system for this shoot since I was unsure of how the lighting situation would be. It turns out that it was a very good idea since we shot primarily indoors. It is very important to have a good light source when getting shots indoors and the Alien Bees unit was great. It was very portable and set up very quickly. Dania's shoot was basically the complete opposite of Maria's. For Maria's shot I was competing with harsh bright sunlight, but here I had to provide the light in a darker environment.

I primarily used the Alien Bees light, but I did make use of some on-camera bounce flash techniques at the beginning of the shoot. As you can see, the on-camera flash provided a more natural, softer lighting. It was nice to get both kind of lighting in this photo set.

Dania was great fun to photograph. She has a smile that really lights up the room. She came ready with outfit changes and great ideas for what she wanted to do. And that's something I really appreciate as a photographer. Dania also took suggestions very well and tried different ideas to get some great shots.

It was absolutely awesome to take photos of Dania. I hope she enjoys the edits I was able to provide. My turn-around time for this shoot was one day for about 40 photos. Let me know if you want any personal or event photos done. I'm here to help!