Maria Medina Family Photos.

I've recently had the pleasure of getting to know Maria Medina from CBS Channel 13 News. We actually met a few months back at a Kings signing event, but only now have we found some time to get together and hang out some more. I was saddened to find out that Maria would be moving from the area soon, so I suggested we get some photos done quick before she left.

Maria is a great person to know, and was totally up for the photoshoot. We didn't have a whole lot of time to get this shoot done between both our busy schedules, but we were able to squeeze in a short shoot this Sunday afternoon. Maria has two boys, and it was awesome to be able to capture a few pics with them near the Tower Bridge.

The Tower Bridge was a great location for this shoot because it represents Sacramento well. It's one of the landmarks that clues people into the city, and the surrounding area is beautiful. It was a big bright out today so I cranked up my shutter speed to get the light levels where I wanted them to be. This picture above is probably my favorite one of the shoot. It's a more candid shot with a good section of the bridge in the background.

Though the weather was very nice, the wind wasn't. For whatever reason, the weather decided to be extra gusty today. Maybe Maria should have a talk with her weatherman! We were able to work through it though and get some nice shots in the moments it got more calm. When shooting outside, there are all sorts of variables to keep in mind. Wind is definitely one of them!

I remember Maria saying that she wanted some nice black and white photos, so I double edited everything. One set edited for color and a completely new edit for black and white. I have to really thank Maria for letting me photograph her and her boys. It was a pleasure. I'm going to miss seeing Maria in town, but hopefully I'll be able to visit her when I hit the Bay Area.