A Classic Kind of Shoot.

I got a chance to go to the Kings Practice Facility to cover the SKD Classics today. The Classics are a group of women who take the court to show that anyone can take the floor and dance at any age. And these gals really bring it! It was such a fun time being able to see them practice their routine - I'm really glad I was there to capture some images of their preparation. Huge thanks to Jenn Santich (director of the SKD) for inviting me in to get this behind the scenes look.

As you know from my previous SKD practice coverages, these hours of practice during the day are no joke! The time the women spend practicing and memorizing routines is a tough and rigorous assignment. I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep up with what they were doing today on the court. Good thing I just had to push buttons on my camera!

Two of the Kings Dancers were helping the ladies get the routine down. Danielle took the first part of the practice session. It was awesome seeing her help all the girls out and take charge! She was a great guide and encouragement to the Classics. Danielle's confidence and dance experience really showed through in her leadership this afternoon. 

Despite being a very physically demanding practice, the Classics were all smiles throughout. I could tell they were having fun while giving their all. These gals have performed twice already on the court during a Kings game. I can tell that they are getting better with each performance. Their routines are more complex and their fun that they are having really shines. That combination makes for an awesome court performance. Hopefully you've been able to catch one or both of their performances already.

Corina took the lead for the second half of the routine. Corina did the same amazing job as Danielle. There was a seamless transition of the lead roll over to her. Corina was also great working with the Classics and getting them through to the finish. I know Corina had a long day before coming to this practice - major props to her for keeping her energy up. If she was tired at all... you really couldn't tell.

I hope that the fans who see this performance are ready for some major sass. The routine the Classics are performing is full of fun surprises. You won't believe the moves that these ladies pull off. Be ready to witness a great performance during the Kings game on Sunday, March 22.

Jenn was also at the practice today. She made sure everything was going smoothly and recorded some of the final practice run-throughs so that they would remember what to do. Jenn has gotten all things SKD down to a science. The Kings are lucky to have such a knowledgeable leader for their dance teams!

Thanks for checking out this little insight into the SKD Classics. Thursday I will be covering the regular Kings dance team's practice. Be on the lookout for shots from that day!