Headshots for Semaj.

Semaj came over to get some headshots done this afternoon. I've known her since last year when she was on the Sacramento Kings Dance Team. She needed some headshots, and I was happy to get those done for her. I had already set up my black backdrop a few days ago, so I just left it up until today. It was very useful as we used it as our background.

Besides just headshots, I took some photos of Semaj from the waist up. It's always nice to get some variety in the shots that are taken. The black background really helped to accentuate the clothes Semaj brought to wear.

The black background turned out to be the perfect backdrop for this shoot. With it there were absolutely no distractions from the actual shot. No bricks, flowers, trees... nothing! All the focus was on the Semaj here. The black also created a nice contrast for her outfits. The blue, red, and white tops she brought really popped in front of the black background.

And I had to do a photo in black and white. I just couldn't help it! I am a big fan of high contrast photos in black and white. This photo is a bit different as it doesn't feature a smiling Semaj. I thought the picture worked best without color.

Our entire session was about 45-minutes long, and I got the photos to her within hours of our shoot. Big thanks to Semaj for coming over and asking me to take her headshots - it was definitely an honor for me. I hope to see Semaj again in the near future!