Dinner With a King at Jimboys.

Second McLemore event this week! Unlike the Pizza Guys event a couple days ago, this event was for just a lucky few. Jimboy's ran a pretty sweet contest a little while back - the winner would have the chance to have dinner with a Kings player! Of course, that player was Ben McLemore. So I drove out to Roseville to cover this special dinner event early this evening.

I think this contest was a great idea... I mean... when do people ever get a chance to sit down and have a meal with one of their favorite pro athletes? Never! This is probably one of the best prizes I have ever heard of... friends, food, and an NBA player all in one. So amazing!

And there was a hall-of-famer on the guest list - Sacramento's own Sign Lady! Barbara, aka Sign Lady, came out to this event as well. It was just last year that she was voted into the ESPN Fan Hall-of-Fame. Sign Lady (and her husband Mr. Sign Lady) are beloved fans of the Kings. It was amazing seeing them there... and they brought some signs with them too!

The folks at Jimboy's did a great job of setting up an area for the dinner. The location on Douglas Road in Roseville has a nice little back section that acts almost like a private room. The contest winner, Ben, and their guests had this space all to themselves.

When everybody sat down they all took the time to peruse the menu and see what they wanted to have. I probably would have just said one of everything on the menu, but these guests were more restrained than I would have been - they ordered portions that made sense! It was cool to see how much variety was on the Jimboy's menu. They had everything from tacos, to salads, to even burgers. There was definitely something for everyone there. The only hard choice was what to choose! 

The service was prompt and friendly. Though there was such a large party for dinner, the waitress handled taking orders flawlessly. She was all smiles, and helped everyone feel welcome at the restaurant.

The food arrived quickly and before long everyone was happily having their meal. I had the chance to get a taco and a bean and cheese burrito. I can honestly say that nobody makes food like Jimboy's! They have their own unique flavors and takes on Mexican food. It's worth a try for sure!

It got a bit quiet when everybody was eating. Of course, how could you carry on a conversation with all that food waiting to be eaten? 

After everyone was done eating, the fans got a chance to just sit down and have some one-on-one time with Ben. These are priceless moments that not many people get a chance to have. The dinner guests had the opportunity to ask Ben any questions they wanted to. It was great seeing everyone interact with him on a personal level.

Ben was a great host for this dinner event. I'm always amazed at the love Ben has for his fans. It's so cool that he was willing to set aside some time and run this contest to have dinner with him. 

As dinner wound down, the fans got a chance to get their photograph taken with Ben. What a night to remember! I'm sure this dinner will be one that is never forgotten.

A big thanks goes out to both Ben McLemore and Jimboy's Tacos. This dinner opportunity was a great idea, and the fans who got to experience it today had a great time. My personal thanks need to go out to Haz and Dina. Haz for giving me the opportunity to cover events like this, and Dina for doing a fantastic job of getting the dinner set up from the Jimboy's side. It's a blessing to be able to work with these incredible people. THANK YOU. See you all soon!