The Pizza Guy at Pizza Guys.

This evening I drove out to the Pizza Guys in Elk Grove to cover a Sacramento Kings signing. Ben McLemore would be on site to sign autographs for fans. This was a completely free event that was open to the public. In Sacramento, Ben is known as the Pizza Guy - sort of the spokesman for the Pizza Guys chain. Ben visits PIzza Guys restaurants around the Sacramento area throughout the season to meet his fans. If you're a Kings fan and haven't come out to one yet, be on the lookout for his next appearance!

A long line of people were gathered waiting for Ben before he arrived. Fans were ready with posters, jerseys, and other items for him to sign. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the Kings fans for Ben. He has really shown a leap of improvement since his rookie year, and the fans definitely showed their appreciation and love for him tonight as they came out in droves.

Ben not only signed autographs, but also took the time to snap some photos with his fans. He has got to be one of the friendliest and most accessible professional athletes around. It was awesome to see him interact and talk with his fans. Lots of smiles were on faces tonight.

Of course, fans had to get their selfies in too! It was funny seeing all the people who wanted to take a selfie with Ben. I'm definitely not one of the selfie naysayers... I take quite a few of them myself as you've probably seen!

Slamson the Lion showed up and was up to his usual tricks today. Slamson is the mascot of the Kings, and he really knows how to have a good time. He was interacting with all the fans and entertaining them with his goofy antics. He's so lovable!

Here's a fan with his newly signed basketball. It'll make for a sweet keepsake and collectible for him. Luckily for the fans of the Sacramento Kings, the players make appearances to sign on a regular basis. He could probably get that entire ball filled up with Kings' autographs.

Well... I guess she's never going to wash that shirt again! But it doesn't look like she'll mind. Getting to show your friends at school that a professional NBA player signed your shirt is a pretty big deal I think.

Some kids were nervous to see Ben... some were happy... and some, like this young one was simply in awe that they got to meet a real Sacramento King. I think one of the things he'll remember most is how kind and friendly Ben was to him.

I have to commend Ben for coming out and meeting the community during this signing. His interaction with fans is top notch. The Kings are lucky to have someone of such character on their team.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Pizza Guys for having me be a part of this awesome event. Shahriar and Jen... THANK YOU. This signing went very smoothly and everyone had an enjoyable time. It was also great fun meeting all of the folks at Pizza Guys. It's no wonder the franchise is doing so well... its got some great people working there. If you haven't had a pizza from Pizza Guys yet. You've gotta get one! They are gooooooooooooooooood!!!