Black Back.

The stars aligned today as three Jennifers came together for a photoshoot. This was a complete spur of the moment photoshoot. We had all just finished playing baseball at the park when I decided I wanted to try out my new black backdrop. All the Jennifers helped me set up the stands and the black seamless backdrop paper. It was ready to go after everybody freshened up after our sports activities. 

My wife is the Jenn in the black & white top, and the other two Jennifers are housemates. We didn't just want to do posed shots... we wanted some fun ones too. I got some pretty fun photos of the housemates carrying my wife. Those girls be strong! They were holding my wife up for quite some time.

Here's another fun shot of the three Jennifers with some weights as props. Yup, all three of them are showing just how strong they are in this posed shot. It was great fun for me to try different settings on the camera so that the black background and my lights worked well together. I like the results that came out!

Awwww! Here's a real nice one of the two housemates. Huge thanks to them for helping me test out the new black backdrop. I think the backdrop will be a great addition to my photography studio. It definitely creates a very distinctive look to the photos that come out when using it.

Here's one last photo of me taken by my wife against the black backdrop. I decided to wear my ridiculous leopard print vest today and pose with this stuffed snake I just got the other day. Always a good time when we do photography here! Let me know if you ever need any photos with a black backdrop... it's available if you need photographs in front of it!