Sisters Photoshoot.

This morning I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with Jany and her sister Joanna. I've just gotten to know Jany recently, but it's been awesome to hang out with her these past few months. Her sister Joanna has come to Davis to visit for a couple weeks, so why not commemorate this special time with a photoshoot!

The UC Davis Arboretum is a spectacular place to do some portraits in natural light. There are all sorts of beautiful scenery to capture and use as a backdrop. This location is also ideal to shoot in the shadows as there are a lot of trees to provide shade from the harsh sunlight.


The majority of the photoshoot was dedicated to Joanna as Jany wanted to capture as many photos of her as possible. Joanna was a great model to work with! She has a great smile and is a fun person to be around.


Towards the end of the session I was able to get a few moments of the sisters together. You can totally tell that Jany is a great older sister to have! The interaction and love between the two is something only sisters can have.

The photoshoot lasted for about an hour and half. I was able to capture a lot of photos during that time. The end result was about 25 edited photos for Jany. Check out some of the shots I took on my main page!