SKD Mini-Camp Day 1.


This past week the Sacramento Kings Dancers held auditions to see who would make this year's team. It was a stressful and demanding time for the women who participated. Well, for 20 dancers, the hard work payed off! Today was day one of their dance mini-camp, and I had the privilege of being there and taking some photos of what went on. I'll be also be there as they practice routines on Saturday and Sunday... so be on the lookout for my next blog posts!


One of the most important aspects of being on an NBA dance team is to be well-versed in who to handle yourself on social media. A lot of good (and bad) came come from what you post via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social network. The dancers got some in-depth training on how to handle their digital profiles.


It was great seeing veteran dancers like Isela (left) and Andrea (right) return for another year on SKD. As you can see, today was all business as this part of the mini-camp focused largely on the nuts and bolts of being on the team.


After the office meetings concluded, the SKD were given a formal tour of The Kings XC (Experience Center). This amazing building gives all who visit a preview of what the new arena in Sacramento will be like. In the picture above, Tammier is trying on the Oculus Rift... it's a device that lets you get a virtual reality type experience that puts the user inside the new arena.

The tour continued on with seeing the designs of the new building as well as what the new suites will be like. The new building will be a technologically marvel, and I'm sure it will be a place that everyone in Sacramento can be proud of. With today's XC activities concluded, I'm looking forward to seeing some dance on Saturday!