'Band' Photoshoot Part 2.

After an amazing night of fun, food, and fellowship, my friends wanted to get in another 'band' style photoshoot. It was very late by then so we were limited to using in the inside of my friend's house. Luckily, he had a nice blank wall for us to use as a backdrop.

Sometimes it's pretty hard to get people to pose in certain ways, so it's important to just have the camera ready to shoot away during those in-between moments. Shots like this one are a result of capturing those times.

Our friend and resident chef Joe had no problem getting a pose ready for the camera. He's a subject that will get into a pose, hold it, and 'git-it-done'! I really appreciate that about him - super easy to work with.

Larry is a guy who likes to get toned up, so I thought it was appropriate to capture that aspect of him. It was hard for him to hold the poses without laughing too much. Thankfully  I was able to capture this particular moment, which I liked.

Hannah's another one has a hard time posing. Her candid shots come out really well though. As the photographer, knowing that about your subjects is really important so you know when to shoot. With Hannah, I take much more photos between posed shots to get the results I want.

Here I've put all four of the images together. I like the result of this quite a bit. I could totally see this on the inside of an album cover or something similar to that.

We didn't spend very long on this photoshoot. People were tired, had to go home, and were getting self-conscious as people came to watch us. I'm glad some usable shots came out though, and we still had a fun time doing this. Actually this was a nice warm-up as I'll be shooting a real band later on this week!