Pastor's Family Photoshoot.

I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with my pastor and his family yesterday. Our pastor, Pastor Howard, came on with our church just this year. It has been awesome getting to know him and his family since they've come.

Pastor Howard and his wife Lori have three children. I know when I was their age I would be a complete sour puss if I had to do family pictures. Luckily, Pastor Howard's kids weren't me! They were totally willing to pose and get some shots in even though I know they had other things they probably wanted to do more at the time.

We went to a park near their house. The family spontaneously got on the merry-go-round and were just having fun! It was nice to be able to get some candid action shots. I was also really happy to see a family having fun together with each other. So much love!

A play structure was nearby and I happened to catch Pastor Howard and his daughter in a good position. I know Pastor Howard is very proud of his children, and I think this shot conveys that.


Here's a shot that was totally composed. I wanted to try getting some moments with subjects against a wall. Mom's probably wondering what her daughters are talking about! Boys?!?!

I really had a great time with Pastor Howard's family yesterday evening. Family portraits are great keepsakes that really put a stamp on a moment in time. I encourage more families to take the opportunity to get some portraits done every few years to track how the family grows up. Let me know if you'd like some family portraits of your own!