A Real Band Photoshoot.

I was able to shoot the band Cold Shot this morning. Cold Shot is a working band out of Davis, Ca. They get a lot of gigs and play around Northern California. Richard and Rene are the main members of Cold Shot, but they have a drummer that joins them when they play out. Both Richard and Rene play instruments and sing - Richard plays bass while Rene plays the electric guitar.

I've actually crossed paths with both Richard and Rene in very different parts of my life. Richard was my guitar teacher years ago. I remember going to the music store in Davis every week to his music studio to learn how to play. I met Rene a while back when I taught fifth grade. She would come in and run an art program for my students. It's funny how our paths crossed in both these very different ways.


A band photoshoot has got to have some instruments so I had Richard and Rene bring their electric guitar and bass with them. We packed everything into my little Mini Cooper and away we went.


There were actually quite a few places to shoot around in the city of Davis. One of the best places to go for a more stark background were the train tracks. They were pretty easily accessible, with plenty different locations to choose from. We also took many photos in an alley way in downtown. It provided some very nice backdrops for us.


It was a hot day, but pretty productive. I'm really glad to add more diverse shooting situations to my portfolio. I should be getting the opportunity to shoot Cold Shot again when they play live in concert later on this summer. That should be a great time out!