Graduation Photos with Laura.

Today I went to the UC Davis campus to take some graduation photos of my friend Laura. She just completed her teacher credentialing program. I was very happy to see her graduate and join the teaching profession. She's going to be a great teacher to the future generation.

UC Davis is a beautiful sprawling campus with a ton of great places to take interesting photos. Here we have Laura sitting on one of the many bike roadways. Thankfully, it was early and most students were off for summer so we could get this shot without too much of a hassle.

The absence of the students also helped us get some jumping shots in. We spent a good amount of time trying to get the best photo of Laura jumping. We tried gown on and gown off. The gown on created problems because it kept puffing up when she jumped, making her look top heavy. But, the gown also best represented her academic success, so I we had to get it right with the gown on.

UC Davis has egg-heads scattered around for people to stumble upon. They are fantastic pieces of art. This one was appropriately placed in front of Shields Library. I definitely wanted to get at least one photo capturing this unique part of the UC Davis campus.

Laura was great to work with today. We walked all over the campus and she was willing to give a lot of different poses and ideas a try.

Thanks, Laura... you're awesome!