A Family Photoshoot.

My friends George and Lisa agreed to do a family photoshoot. It was hard nailing down a time for us to meet because of our busy schedules, but I'm glad we finally found a day for it. We chose a Monday evening in Davis.

George and Lisa recently had a baby, and I wanted to get some nice photos of her today. Audrey has been a very popular new member of our group of friends - everyone loves seeing this cute new baby!

Alfie, George and Lisa's dog, came along with us today. Alfie has always had a lot of energy about him, and that energy was on high this Monday night.

Baby Audrey seems to really like Alfie as her attention was with him the entire photoshoot. George, Lisa, and I did everything we could to get Audrey to look towards the camera! It was definitely a challenge!

The photoshoot did not last very long due to cold and windy weather, but I was happy with some of the shots I got that night. Hopefully we can do this again with some better conditions.