Portraits with Jessica.

Last Saturday my friend Jessica and I went out for a little photoshoot. I wanted to try my hand at portraits, and she was game enough to indulge me! I really appreciated her willingness to come out as I asked her to come out very early in the morning on a weekend.

We went to Folsom Powerhouse just outside of Sacramento, Ca to capture these photos. I found this location by searching the internet for nice places to shoot around the area. Folsom Powerhouse proved be a great location as there was plenty of interesting backgrounds both natural and man made.

Jessica is one of the few friends I have that has tattoos. I wanted a feature a few of them in this shoot. She has some birds in flight on her right arm. They are simple, but really do stand out on her.

There was quite a bit of foliage around the Folsom Powerhouse. Many of the photos I took that day had a fairy tale quality to them. I brought my new 50mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8 lenses with me today thinking that I would be going mostly with the 85mm. As things usually turn out for me, I ended up mostly using the 50mm. That lens was great for what I wanted to do today. I used it exclusively wide-open... next time I think I'll stop it down a bit more.

Jessica took her shoes off when we got to some rocks near the American River. She had done up her toes in blue and I wanted to be sure to get a few shots of her feet.

I really have to thank Jessica for her willingness to come out and get some photos done. She was very patient and willing to try lots of things that morning.