Baby, Birthday, Baking.

Jenn and I were invited to this little cutie's birthday! This is Audrey, our friends George and Lisa's little girl. She had her first birthday party this weekend. Jenn was commissioned to make some cupcakes and I commissioned myself to get some photos of the festivities. You may recognize Audrey from a family photoshoot that I did a few months ago during the summer. She has definitely grown quickly!

Jenn made cupcakes based on a safari theme. She spent a lot of time hand making each decoration using fondant. I'm always amazed at the creativeness she has when she works on any baking project. If you're at all interested in getting a hold of Jenn for some baked goodies, you can contact her on her website here: Love Baked Desserts.


Besides the decorations, Jenn made amazing cupcakes. Often with cupcakes bought at the store there are a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives. That's NOT the case with Jenn's baking. The frosting on this cupcake contains real fresh strawberry bits. These cupcakes had to be refrigerated to keep them fresh.

These animal decorations were so cute! Besides these elephants and zebras, there were also lions, monkeys, and giraffes. Jenn had to use a lot of different colored fondants in order to put these together.

Check out the final display! It was a definite cupcake success. In the end there were five different animal decorations adorning two different cupcake options - strawberry creme or salted caramel. The strawberry creme was great, but you haven't lived until you've tried Jenn's signature salted caramel cupcakes. OMG.

Audrey's first birthday was great fun. George and Lisa threw a wonderful party. I was able to capture a bunch of images and Jenn was able to put together a stunning dessert display. Please let me know if you'd like me to photograph an event for you or your business. Also, feel free to contact Jenn for desserts! You won't regret it!