SKD Dance Practice.

This week is a pretty slow week for the Kings in Sacramento. The team is out on the road for four games, so there's not much going on around the arena. The Kings dancers took this time to prepare for Sunday's game-time performance before the Thanksgiving break. It was great to be able to go to the practice and capture some images of the dancers getting their routines down.

I brought along my three main cameras - the Canon 5d mark iii, my trusty Sony Nex-5r, and my new Sony a6000. I was thinking just about all my shots would be done on the Canon, but both Sonys served me very well tonight, and I used them heavily. All three cameras had their uses at different times tonight.

The practice space tonight had ample light... which I was VERY thankful for. Last year I attended a practice in one of the arena's conference rooms. It was very dark and I ended up with some very noisy pictures. I think they turned out ok, but these were much better in terms of image quality.

Brittany led the SKD in their routines tonight. Jenn Santich, the SKD manager, took off earlier today on a flight to India with a small group of SKD. They were going to represent the NBA in some events over there. Brittany did a great job of running the practice. She even took my advice and got a Sony a5000 which she showed me tonight. Nice camera!

It's always amazing to me how much these girls work at their craft. Most of the dancers have other jobs or are attending school. I have no idea how they can juggle all of this at one time. They are pretty amazing.

I had a great time tonight getting in some shots of SKD during their practice. I can't wait until Sunday to see them perform what they practiced during the game. It's pretty awesome to see how everything comes together.