Gallery of Kings Photos Up.

As many of you know, I have had the privilege of shooting for recently. It has been an amazing experience, and my action photography set of skills is definitely growing. I think I've definitely put the 5d mark iii through its paces as I've covered these games. Last night the Kings beat the Chicago Bulls in a very exciting game. I was proud to see that many of the photos I took last night made it to the game gallery on the main site. Check it out here. And big thanks to the Kings for giving my the photo creds! It's nice to see my name there.

I usually like to arrive as early as I can at the arena. I spend some time on the floor thinking about the shots I want to get in terms of both the basketball team and the dance team. Both definitely present different challenges. I think having a normal angle zoom on a second dslr camera body would be the best solution to most of my issues. Currently, I'm using a Sony mirrorless camera for wider shots... which is ok, but not ideal nor fast enough.

NBA action happens very quickly, and I've found that nailing the best shots is very challenging as you have to be ready to shoot at any moment. There's also the added danger of getting hit by the ball or having a player fall on you. Last game, our star center Demarcus Cousins almost rolled over me after getting elbowed in the head. He was literally centimeters in front of me. So at the game I try to keep both eyes open when shooting... safety first!

I definitely feel like part of the media covering the game when I'm down on the court. I've gotten a lot better at just going for things rather than hesitating. I think the first few times on the court were a bit unnerving, but I think I've gained some footing and comfort. The photos I've been able to get have definitely been of a higher quality, and I'm more satisfied with them.

There really isn't anything better than getting to shoot from the court. Capturing really good SKD pics can really only be achieved from that location. I found when trying to take photos of them from the seats that there is always something in the way. Haha, I guess I'm that something in the way for somebody trying to get a pic of them now! But it really has been amazing to capture the dance and the basketball up close. And again, huge thanks to the Kings for the opportunity! Check out the link to the gallery if you haven't done so yet!