'Tis the Season.

I got an email yesterday afternoon from a lady who wanted to take some photographs of her children for their yearly Christmas card. She was looking for a photographer to fill in for the person she initially had booked because that photographer had a sudden illness. My schedule was open so I went ahead and agreed to step in!

The location for today's shoot was in on Fair Oaks Blvd. at the Charles C Jenson Botanical Gardens. I had never heard of this place before, but I can see myself coming back to do more shoots here. The place is beautiful! There are all sorts of natural backgrounds and interesting things around to take photographs of.

I was lucky enough to have my wife Jenn along with me today. She was a huge help in that she took secondary shots with the Sony mirrorless camera. This was the first time that Jenn has been on a shoot with me. It was pretty exciting to have her there with me.

An elaborate set-up was brought to the gardens for the Christmas card shot. Instead of a lemonade stand, there was a cookie stand that had milk and cookies ready for Santa to come and enjoy. The idea was to have the kids inside the stand and then have Santa come out and surprise them.

The shoot went very well. The props and setting worked to perfection. Of course, the best thing of all were the subjects. The kids were a blast to photograph. This particular job was one of my 'In & Out' shoots. We shot for about 30 minutes and I edited the photos on the spot. She got to take a CD home with the images on it. All done. Simple!