Blackcat Photoshoot in Sacramento.

Today I got to do a very special shoot. I met Sasha at the Kings game last week and found out that she liked to do cosplay. I've always wanted to do cosplay photoshoots so I asked her if she was willing to come out and do one. She agreed! And today we went out to downtown Sacramento to capture some images of her as the Blackcat.

We went to the Sacramento Capitol Building area as it has a lot of scenic areas to shoot photos. Sasha got a lot of attention as she walked around in her cosplay outfit... and for good reason! She was looking gooooooood. We were stopped by numerous people to ask what was going on. It was cool that for the most part everyone was just curious and friendly.

Blackcat is a character from Marvel's Spider-Man comic books. Since most of Spider-Man takes place in New York City, I thought the Capitol park area made for a good Central Park-like location. It was a beautiful fall day with tons of oranges and yellows, but in post processing I chose to go with a more winter-y color pallet as I thought it suited this character better.

I had the Canon 5d mark iii with the 70-200 lens on for the entire shoot. It worked marvelously and was a joy to shoot. I'd be interested in trying some other lenses for a bit more variety on my next shoot though. I have to say the 70-200 is the ultimate portrait lens and is my favorite lens to use.

Sasha was a complete trooper today as she posed and posed and posed! I know it wasn't comfortable for her in her outfit, but she went ahead and got the shoot done. Next time I'd love to try to get some shots later on in the night using some bounce flash for dramatic effect. Night photos of the Blackcat character would be totally appropriate!

Sasha was a dream to work with! I've got to really thank her for being willing to try different things during the shoot today. I look forward to working with her more in the future!