Portraits with Susie

lo res edit 54.jpg

Susie contacted me recently for a portrait shoot. She is a therapist and was looking to update her website with some new images. Though it’s been a bit wet and rainy recently, I’m glad Susie and I were able to find a day that had some sun. We went out on a beautiful afternoon for this photo session at the edge of Woodland, Ca. Susie was awesome to work with and I think we were able to capture some pretty amazing shots.

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I had never shot at this location before, but Susie said she comes here to do yoga and meditate. I can see why this place was ideal for that as it is a bit out of the way with very little noise and busy-ness that you would find in the city. All around were different landscapes that acted as unique backdrops for our shoot.

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Susie came prepared with a few outfit changes and was able to get in and out of them really fast - I was impressed at her speed! We were trying to take advantage of the golden hour so our window to shoot was predicated on that. I love how Susie was ready to make efficient use of our time together. Efficient use of time means more pics!

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The photo session actually felt more like a fashion shoot at times as what Susie brought to the table was very thought out and she looked great. Susie was a natural getting into different poses and in general just being very camera friendly.

lo res edit 71.jpg

To add to the photos connecting to her therapy work Susie brought in a drum that she would use with her clients on occasion. It was important to get a few photos of her playing it since it is one of the vital tools that she uses in her practice.

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In the end, I was very satisfied with the photos we got that afternoon. Thanks to Susie for being such a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for high-quality, professional photos, please contact me asap and we’ll set up a time to shoot!